In addition to the nursing services provided during medical care, it is possible to take advantage of individual short-term care models with us.

As an important relief for caring relatives, the persons to be cared for are in the very best hands with us. Nursing and medical services around the clock, a welcoming ambience, a high level of comfort and pleasant services are all the hallmarks of the Privatklinik Ritzensee in the area of short-term care. Clients also enjoy a beautiful landscape that is in close proximity to Austria’s most popular holiday destinations.

We understand the challenges of providing long-term care for relatives and we are able to assess situations on an individual and professional basis. Sensitivity, humanity and professionalism are the hallmarks of all our employees – we will be happy to create an individual concept for you that meets the needs of the person to be cared for and their relatives.

For more information on costs and to arrange an appointment, please click here: +43 6582 497-1024