Patient &

Every patient has the following rights in particular, taking into account the purpose of the institution and the range of services (§ 21 SKAG):

  • the right to inspect his/her medical history and to have copies made of it at his/her expense;
  • the right to comprehensive information about the Treatment options, including their respective risks, to be informed in a comprehensible manner by a specialist;
  • the right, upon request, to information about the state of health and the course of treatment from a doctor authorized to practice independently to receive a doctor in an understandable and gentle manner;
  • the right to sufficient visit and contact opportunities, whereby a person of trust can also visit the patient outside of regular visiting hours in the event of a sustained deterioration in the patient’s state of health;
  • The right to pastoral care at the patient’s request;
  • The right to psychological and psychotherapeutic support at the patient’s request;
  • the right to privacy and confidentiality;
  • the right to consultation with a doctor authorized to practice independently in general medical matters;
  • the right to a dignified death;
  • the right to have the usual rhythm of life taken into account as far as possible;
  • the right that in the case of inpatient care for children, care is taken to ensure that the facilities are as child-friendly as possible and that parents are cared for, as well as visiting options appropriate to their level of development;
  • the right to confidentiality of data concerning him/her in accordance with the applicable provisions.