Specialist for general and vascular surgery Endovascular surgeon (DGG)

Secondary specialist for internal and general medicine (Ukraine)


Dr. Maryna Wüstner
Schmalenbergham 4
5760 Saalfelden

T: +43 (0) 664 343 10 82
M: office@ordination-gch-mwuestner.at
H: www.ordination-gch-mwuestner.at


Surgery hours

Thursday afternoon by arrangement


Specialist for general and vascular surgery Endovascular surgeon (DGG)


Expertise: Vascular medicine, open and endovascular surgery

  • Diagnostics, prevention, conservative therapy of acute and chronic vascular diseases, surgical and endovascular vascular surgery, aftercare. 
  • peripheral arterial circulatory disorder: conservative, surgical and endovascular surgery
  • Surgery of the A. carotis (carotid)
  • Treatment of peripheral – and central aneurismal disorders (dilation of the aorta, arteries through open and endovascular – surgery p.r.n. hybrid surgery (combined interventional and open surgery)
  • Shunt-surgery (preparation for dialysis, creating dialysis access for performing the dialysis, aftercare p.r.n. service-procedures)
  • Catheter-procedures: Port-a-cath as access for chemotherapy and pain management, insertion of the Demers catheter
  • Vein surgery: surgical and endovenous (minimally invasive) treatment of varicose veins
  • Treatment of the deep vein thrombosis and postthrombotic syndrome
  • Treatment of diabetic foot syndrome
  • Minor- and Major- amputation surgery
  • Treatment of chronic wounds, p.r.n. Ulcus cruris arteriosum / venosum/ mixtum, Pyoderma gangrenosum
  • Treatment of the lymphoedema and lipoedema
  • Diagnosis and therapy of rare vascular diseases (vascular compression syndromes, vascular malformations, functional vascular diseases, inflammatory vessel disease)



Occupational history:

2022             Senior physician Tauernklinikum Zell am See, Austria, specialist for vascular surgery

2020 – 2022 Senior physician for vascular surgery, Clinic for vascular and heart surgery, Schön Clinic, Germany

2019 – 2020 Specialist for vascular surgery, Clinic for heart and vascular surgery University Hospital Salzburg, Austria

2017 – 2019 Specialist for vascular surgery, Clinic for vascular and endovascular surgery Helios Clinics, Germany

2009 – 2016 Residency (postgraduate training) Clinic for vascular / endovascular surgery, KKH Altenburg, Klinikum Chemnitz,
                      Helios Klinikum Bad Saarow, Germany

1992 – 2007 Specialist for internal medicine / General medicine, Kharkov, KH Komsomolskij, Ukraine


Career training:

Specialist for vascular surgery since 08/2017

Endovascular surgeon (DGG) since 09/2017

Technical qualification in radiation protection in the field of vascular interventions since 12/2018

Technical qualification in radiation protection diagnostic radiology vascular system since 04/2017

Technical qualification in radiation protection emergency diagnostics in adults and children since 09/2015

Medical license, Germany / Chemnitz since 02/2014

Verification of equivalency of the medical level of training, State Chamber of Physicians of Thuringia on 16/09/2009

General practitioner / Family medicine, Ukraine since 12/1998

Specialist for internal medicine, Ukraine since 06/1997

Doctorate at the Medical University in Kharkov, Ukraine on 30/06/1992

Medical studies at the Medical University in Kharkov, Ukraine [sic:]1886- 1992

Member of DGG ,ÖGG, SGG since 06/2012


Important medical advanced training:

Advanced training certificate State Chamber of Physicians of Thuringia 10/2009

Advanced training certificate State Chamber of Physicians of Saxony 03/2014

Advanced training certificate State Chamber of Physicians of Brandenburg 09/2017

2009 Fundamental- advanced course Doppler- and duplex sonography brain, extremities and abdominal vessels, vessels, Jena, Germany acute pain course by DGSS, in University Medical Centre Lübeck, DE emergency medicine, SRH Zentralklinikum Suhl GmbH, DE Intensive course general medicine, State Chamber of Physicians of Thuringia, Jena, DE. Intensive course Internal medicine, Helios Klinikum Erfurt, DE ECG -course with practical training, State Chamber of Physicians of Thuringia, DE.

2010 Fundamental course radiation protection/ Acquisition of technical qualification for physicians, Altenburg

2011 Radiation protection course, special course interventional radiology, Altenburg, DE Intensive course for surgery, Leipzig, DE Radiation protection course, Special course computed tomography, Altenburg, DE

2012 19th German-Polish Vascular surgeons meeting, Chemnitz, DE 28th Annual Conference DGG, Wiesbaden, DE

2013 Endovascular fundamental and advanced course AAA, Wiesbaden, DE EVC 2013, EVAR / TEVAR Simulation Session, Maastricht, NL Endovasc. Course intervent. pelvic/femoral vessels, Bad Nauheim Dreilender Annual Conference DGG/ÖGG/SGG in Linz, Austria aorta symposium, Dresden, DE

2014 Principles of crural surgery, Wendisch Rietz, DE 30th Annual Conference DGG, Hamburg, DE Principles of dialysis shunt surgery and PTA, Wendisch Rietz, DE Principles of aorta surgery, Wendisch Rietz, DE

2015 VIII. Berlin veins workshop, DE Premium Superintensive C1-course Goethe Institute, Munich, DE Masterclass Vascular/ endoVascular, Hamburg, DE work shadowing UKE Hamburg vascular-/endovasc. surgery, Prof. Debus,D

2016 Intensive course preparation for specialist exam vascular surgery, Berlin 23rd North German Vascular Days / Hamburg, DE Three-Country Conference Vascular Surgery, Bern/ Schweiz 4th Annual Conference of IAD with the 9th Symposium dialysis shunt surgery,
Weimar, Germany work shadowing Vein Centre Dresden (ELVeS), Germany

2017 Symposium Vascular Infections, UKD-Dresden, Germany

2018 35-DGG-Congress/Annual Conference Bonn, Germany

2019 Charing Cross-Symposium London, England

2020 CX Aortic Vienna (Live), Austria

2021 36th DGG-Congress in Mannheim (Live), Germany


German (B2), Ukrainian, Russian, English

Specialist in abdominal surgery and vascular surgery, general practitioner, expert in aviation medicine, emergency physician.


Praxis Dr. med. Peter Metzger
Kaprunerstraße 15
5700 Zell am See

T: +43 664 9949686
M: mail@dr-metzger.at
H: www.dr-metzger.at

Surgery hours

By arrangement





Vascular medicine

Early detection of vascular diseases through comprehensive diagnostics (colour-coded duplex sonography of all vessels) and recommendations on preventative and aftercare measures. We also specialise in:

Arterial diseases

  • Peripheral arterial occlusive disease (PAOD) of the pelvic and leg arteries
  • Narrowings of the carotid artery
  • Aneurysms (dilations)
  • Embolisms (clot formation with transfer to smaller vessels)
  • Vascular malformations and inflammatory vascular diseases

Vein diseases

  • Varicose veins (varicosities) as a weaknesses of the superficial venous system manifesting themselves in various forms
  • Chronic venous insufficiency as weakness of the deep venous system
  • Venous thrombosis with the possible consequence of post-thrombotic syndrome, venous stasis ulceration or pulmonary embolism
  • Treatment of critical soft tissue infections and problem wounds
  • Superficial phlebitis (thrombophlebitis)

Functional circulatory disorders
are the result of faulty control of the vascular system by the nerves without structural vascular damage.

Aeromedical fitness examinations of all classes
We carry out the legally prescribed aeromedical fitness examinations of all classes in our practice.

General medicine
We are happy to look after your well-being in the case of medical complaints of all kinds.



Professional career:

Born 12.09.1972: in Bruck an der Mur, grew up in Leoben/Styria.
1982 – 1990: Leoben federal grammar school
1990 – 1997: Studied medicine at the Karl Franzens University in Graz
1997: Doctorate
1998 – 1999: Internship at Mittersill Hospital
Since 2005: Qualification as an emergency physician
1999 – 2001: Internship at Schwarzach Hospital
2001: Examination to become a general practitioner
Since 2001: Specialist in general medicine
2001 – 2006: Specialist training in surgery
2006: Specialist examination in surgery
Since 2006: Specialist in surgery
2008: Academic Health Care Manager (HCM) SMBS Salzburg with graduation (with management course)
2010: Additive speciality abdominal surgery
Since 2011: Expert in aviation medicine
2013: Cert. Clin. Risk Manager (“AUSTRIAN STANDARDS PLUS” ONR 49003:2010-1, completed 10/2013)
2011 – 2014: Additive subject vascular surgery at the University Department of Vascular Surgery and Endovascular Surgery of the PMU Salzburg, further work as a specialist in vascular surgery
Scientific activity, various publications
2015: Auditing: Training as “Peer Reviewer in Vascular Medicine” at the Federal Ministry of Health
2014 – 2015: Professional move to Schwarzach Hospital as senior vascular surgeon
2015 – 2018: Head of Vascular Surgery at Göttlicher Heiland Hospital/Vienna
Since 2015: Part-time Senior Medical Assessor at AUSTRO CONTROL GMBH
Since 2018: Head of Vascular Surgery at the St. Johann in Tirol Hospital


Dr. med. Adolf Kaindlstorfer
Schillerstraße 8a, Fachärztehaus
5700 Zell am See

T: +43 6542 72076
M: chirurgiepinzgau@sbg.at

Surgery hours

Mon 07:30 – 11:30
Tue 07:30 – 11:30
Wed 14:00 – 18:00
Thu 14:00 – 18:00
Fri 07:30 – 11:30
By arrangement




Dr Karl Miller, Professor of Surgery, is one of the pioneers of laparoscopic bariatric surgery. He has practised general surgery for more than 32 years, 22 of which he has dedicated to developing and perfecting bariatric surgery.


Dr. med. Karl Miller
DOZ (Dialyse- und Ordinationszentrum)
Privatklinik Wehrle-Diakonissen
Guggenbichlerstraße 20
5026 Salzburg

T: +43 662 905 09-270
M: office@miller.co.at
H: www.miller.co.at

Surgery hours

By arrangement

Dr Karl Miller




  • Special procedures such as incision-free stomach reduction (POSE)
  • Obesity and metabolic surgery such as gastric banding, gastric bypass, stomach reduction as well as ASPIRE
  • Laparoscopic procedures of the abdominal wall and inguinal hernias
  • Minimally invasive anti-reflux surgeryDESCRIPTION OF THE INCISION-FREE POSE PROCEDURE



Now there is a new, less invasive surgical alternative to aid weight loss. If you have tried diet after diet without ever achieving the weight loss you want and need – for appearance or health reasons – you may be a candidate for the POSE (Primary Obesity Surgery Endolumenal) procedure. In this procedure, surgeons use new types of instruments to sew folds into the stomach, reducing its capacity. This makes you feel fuller more quickly, i.e. you feel less hungry, eat less and feel satiated. The surgeon performs the procedure entirely through the mouth, as in a gastroscopy, without any external incisions in the body.

As there are no external incisions, the POSE procedure offers important advantages as expected, e.g. lower risk than traditional open or laparoscopic surgery, minimal post-operative pain, fast recovery and no scars. There are patients who have undergone this procedure on a Friday and were back at work on the Monday, without bandages or pain and without anyone noticing anything. No one at all needs to know that you have undergone this procedure.

Weight loss is important for better health and can help prevent problems associated with obesity, such as type II diabetes, heart disease, joint disease and respiratory problems. If you have tried to lose weight but have not been successful, find out if the POSE method would be suitable for you.


Professional career:

Medical studies at the Karl Franzens University in Innsbruck

1983 Doctorate at the Karl Franzens University in Innsbruck

2001 – 2015 Primary physician in the Department of Surgery at Hallein Hospital

2015 President of IFSO (International Federation for the Surgery of Obesity and Metabolic Disorders)



Specialist in general and abdominal surgery


Advisory board memberships and teaching activities:

Since 1994 Faculty Member at the European Surgical Institute / Jonhnson and Johnson Institute

Since 2002 International Advisory Board Member at Saad Hospital Al Khober

Since 2005 Advisory Board Member of “World Clinics and Hospitals”

Since 2005 IVOW Clinical Advisory Board Member

Since 2010 teaching bariatric surgery at the Sharjah Surgical Institute (SSI) United Arab Emirates